Arif Adıyaman

Chairman of the Board

Arif Adıyaman was born in Samsun in 1966. After completing his primary and secondary education in this province, he moved to Istanbul to study civil engineering at Yildiz Technical University, where he graduated in 1988. The same year he entered upon his professional career. He undertook important tasks in domestic and mainly international construction projects for many years. With the knowledge and experience he gained during all these professional years, he founded Kontek Insaat in 1995 to take part in international projects. A founding partner of the company, Arif Adıyaman has been the Board Chairman of Kontek Insaat since 2012. Adıyaman has a good command of Russian and English.

Haluk Nayman

Member of the Board

Haluk Nayman was born in Afyon in 1960. He graduated from Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, in 1984. He entered his professional life also in 1984 and took on executive tasks in international projects of various leading construction companies of Turkey. He joined Kontek Insaat in 2001 as a partner and has since contributed greatly to Kontek’s becoming a well-known international construction company of Turkey, thanks to his international experience and extensive knowledge in the profession. Also acted as Kontek Insaat’s Board Chairman in previous years, Nayman currently acts as Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of the company. Nayman has a good command of English and Russian.