We build the future…

Kontek, which always delivers its works correctly, completely, on time and without sacrificing quality, has spread its experience to various regions of Russia and to Algeria since 1995, the year it was founded, and put its signature under tens of prestigious projects.

In the past 20 years Kontek has carried out numerous social projects in these regions such as sport facilities, cultural centers, administrative and office buildings, hospitals, commercial buildings and shopping malls, elite housing projects, school buildings, university complex, dormitories, hotels and tourism facilities.

Kontek Gayrimenkul A.S., founded under the same roof in 2010, continues its domestic investments in Turkey, as confident and rapid as always, with the projects of Kontek Duet Housing projects in Goztepe and Ciftehavuzlar Bagdat Avenue, both in Istanbul, and two different Logistic Center projects in Gebze.

In line with the labor power needed for the projects undertaken so far, jobs have been created for about 25,000 people directly –executives, engineers, and workers from various nations- and for hundreds of people indirectly –through collaboration with companies in machinery, consulting, electricity and service sectors.

We are celebrating our 20th anniversary these days and all our personnel who work devotedly under tough conditions and contributed a lot to this success repeat the same words as a response to the joy and energy radiating from the students in the schools, youths in the stadiums and sport centers, artists in the cultural and art centers, patients cured in the hospitals and all people living peacefully in other living spaces we have constructed:

“We build the future!”