The newest life style of Noyabrsk... /17.09.2013

Constructed in the city of Noyabrsk in Siberia, “Noyabrsk 8th Mikrorayon Housing Project” is the most extensive and modern one ever built in the region and it gives start to a new life style there. The project was undertaken by Kontek and contains the most compatible homes with the local conditions, all fulfilling the required Russian standards. The complex rises over a closed area of 242,000 m2 and has a usage area of 190,242 m2. The buildings were produced using tunnel formwork technology; they feature reinforced concrete framework system and are composed of different types of apartments, including modular ones.

A first for Noyabrsk, the project is especially spectacular with its extraordinary architecture, colorful fiber cement facade application, and the next generation roofing. The project also provides spacious common areas, useful and comfortable indoor spaces with all necessary measures taken against fire and other hazards, a powerful isolation resistant to the region’s tough climate conditions, and many other details neatly designed. And all of these features together give a new aspect to the city’s architectural texture.

The project, composed of 7 block areas and containing 2,828 apartments in total, was visited by Dmitry Kobylkin, YNAO Regional Governor, J.A. Belohskaya, Mayor of Noyabrsk, as well as other high ranking executives during its construction.