With the same excitement for 20 years…

My acquaintance with my dear partner Haluk Nayman goes back to the years preceding the foundation of Kontek. At the end of 1980s, we both worked for a leading company in the industry –in their projects in Russia- for several years, gaining our first international professional experience in the worksites of this company. We were also together while we were founding our own company in 1995, starting a long journey.

Launched as a limited company with a humble capital, Kontek started its first international activities by undertaking certain parts of different projects. The construction of Yugorsky State University Complex, which was started in 2001 in Khanty-Mansiysk, was the first project wholly undertaken by Kontek. The company proved itself within a short time and its further growth in the following years was mainly due to the projects it successfully accomplished one after another in Western Siberia. In the beginning of 2000s we were already a contracting company that is well known in the international market and whose achievements were approved by numerous rewards.

In 2008, we entered the North African market through our first project in Algeria and further increased our business volume. We have always been selective from the first day onward, stressing on producing prestigious and value adding projects rather than focusing on number of them. We are very proud in the name of our country with the fact that we have been on the list, for the fifth time, of “the 225 biggest contracting companies in the world”, made by ENR (Engineering News-Record), a prestigious sectoral magazine which has been published in the USA since 2009.

We consider that investment on human capital and education are of crucial importance for us to reach our goals. In line with the principles and vision of the great leader Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, our aim is to further increase our turnover figures and create more jobs for qualified labor force of our country and other countries in these days when we are celebrating our 20th anniversary. In order to achieve these objectives, we once again count on our staff and our partners. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who for 20 years has made efforts to help Kontek become a brand.

Best Regards,

Arif Adıyaman

Chairman of the Board

Founding Partner